Products We Love for Traveling

Products we love for traveling.

At Peak, we do consulting for Banks and Credit Unions across the country.  Traveling to work on-site with our clients is a big part of our job, so we try to find products that make traveling easier.   A few of the products that we love for traveling are listed below.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro: This tablet feels and acts like a pc, however, it is considered a tablet by TSA and FAA standards which means it can be used on the plane from wheels up to wheels down.  When back in the office, it can be easily put back in the docking station to transition to a three monitor pc.
  • Beats: These have amazing sound quality and are noise cancelling for a quiet plane ride (no more screaming baby issues).  The Wireless Bluetooth also works flawlessly with our iPhones.
  • THULE: This brand of backpacks is made with laptop/tablet protection and they are rugged and versatile to handle anything.  They are comfortable and easy to use when traveling.  The quick access pockets and compartments work well for organizing daily gear.  Another nice feature is the dual side drink holder pockets that fit a large water bottle (or beverage of your choice).

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Microsoft Surface Pro- great for traveling
Beats - great for traveling
THULE Backpack for traveling