Consultants and Bankers outside the office

At a couple of recent conferences, Peak consultants were able to find some time for fun with some of the bankers that attended.

At the UnitiEast conference in New Jersey, we were able to tour Princeton University and eat with a group at PJ’s Pancake House where they serve many different types of pancakes including Spicy Apple, Smore’s and Oreo.

At the Prominent Premier Partners (P3) conference in Lincoln, we went to Blue Blood Brewing Company and were able to tour the Brewery and Robber’s Caves.  The caves were pretty cool (55 degrees).  We were also able to enjoy dinner there.  The pecan wood smoked bacon strips appetizer was a hit!

On another night of the Prominent Premier Partners conference in Lincoln, we were able to try out the Escape Room.  The Escape Room is a mental adventure game in which you attempt to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and clues in order to escape within 60 minutes.  We were so close to escaping the LiCastro’s Lair but needed about 5 more minutes! We ate at HopCat, a popular spot in the Haymarket area beforehand.

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PJ's Pancake House
Robber's Cave Tour
Robber's Cave
Blue Blood Brewery
Lincoln Escape Room