Striped Pig Distillery

The Spirit of Charleston - Striped Pig

Striped Pig Distillery

On a recent client trip to Charleston, SC, Cole and Christy had the opportunity to tour the Striped Pig Distillery in North Charleston. Johnny, one of the owners, gave us the tour.  He was very passionate about the entire process and made the tour fun!  He explained the liquor making process and how they use corn, rye and wheat from Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC. They mill their grains onsite to ensure the maximum amount of sugar is available for extraction. The mash creation converts the starches to sugar for fermentation.  They ferment in small batchs, allowing better control of the process.  Striped Spiced Rum, Striped Whiskey, Striped Gin, Striped Shine, Striped Rum and Striped Vodka are all made in the distillery and were available for sampling.

Striped Pig Distillery is Charleston’s first micro-distillery that was created in 2013.  The distillers and owners designed every aspect of the machinery and put it together themselves.  They created state of the art custom-made copper plate condensers and stainless steel boilers.  The Striped Pig Distillery is a unique facility that can also be rented out for events.

Interested in the story of the Striped Pig?  Read about the Striped Pig tradition here.

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Striped Pig Distillery
Striped Pig Distillery
Sriped Pig Distillery
Striped Pig Vodka
Striped Pig Liquor