Interactive Teller Machine

The Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) is a “Drive-up without the tube”, that can also be used as an ATM.

One of Peak Consulting’s clients recently built a new branch with an Interactive Teller Machine in the Drive-up instead of the typical Drive-up window.  The Interactive Teller Machine is like video chatting with your bank teller.  95% of typical teller transactions can be done at the ITM.  Some of the benefits of utilizing Interactive Teller Machines for the financial institution include the following:

  1. Allowing for longer hours to support their customers with less staff
  2. Ability to expand support to more locations (including rural or remote areas)
  3. Access during inclement weather

For the customer, ITM’s can be set up in a rural area even if there is not a branch close by.  The customer can request the human teller by touching the screen.  The ITM can cash a check down to the penny and will also spit out a receipt that includes the image of the check with the account number blocked out which has been a big win for customers using the ITM.

Michael Marsh, Lead ITM Teller, of Farmers National Bank shared the following information about their experience with ITM’s:

  • Customer Feedback: “Many customers enjoy the Teller On Demand Service.  Like any new program, we had to show our customers how to utilize the ITM service.  Once the customers used the service once, many were hooked.  Even after having the program for 4 months, we still have a steady number of first time users.”
  • Cost Savings: “Since the program is young, we are still gauging the cost/savings aspect. On average, we are completing a customer transaction under 3 minutes (based on December and January data). Repeat frequent customers can conduct transactions in less time averaging around 2 minutes. Our primary focus is to make the transactions fast, but also leave a personal touch. We have seen a large increase in ATM/ITM deposits within the past four months as well, growing at an average of 50% monthly. We are pleased to give our customers options for deposits.“
  • Restrictions compared to an actual Teller: “Our only restriction within the ITM program is servicing loose change/coins. Since the ITM cannot accept coins, a few businesses have opted to come inside the branch or utilize a night drop. However, we have offset our restrictions with more capabilities. Our Tellers within the ITMs can help customers with debit card issues, online banking concerns, and other CSR related questions. Additionally, some customers have mentioned that they would enjoy other bill options ($50 bills or $10), but they are comfortable with our current cassettes holding $100s, $20s, $5s, and $1s.”
  • Extended Hours: “The Teller on Demand Program also has longer hours to serve our customers.   Teller on Demand is open 2 ½ hours longer each week day and 2 hours longer on Saturday than our branch lobbies. Extended hours have been very positive with our customers.”

Brandon Drake, SVP, of Farmers National shared the following from customer surveys regarding the Teller on Demand program:

  • Saves paper and time. It’s nice to talk to a real person and not a machine.
  • It was different in the beginning but well worth learning how to use it as I now LOVE IT! Thanks FNB for these benefits!
  • I love this feature at Farmers National Bank! The tellers are always friendly and prompt in helping me make deposits. I recommend Teller on Demand to others as well. Thank you for making this option available!
  • I like the longer hours of service with an actual person.

The “Drive-Up without the Tube” seems to be a nice option for both the Financial Institution and the Customers.

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