Machias, Maine

Peak Consulting recently consulted a bank in Machias, Maine and learned some cool history along the way. We would like to share it with you and show you some stunning pictures of the beautiful town.
  • The English first became acquainted with the area in 1633, where a trading post for the Plymouth Company was established at what is now Machias port
  • The first naval battle of the American Revolution was the Battle of Machias
  • Among the fine building of Machias are the court-house and jail, constructed of brick and granite in 1857 for $35,000
  • The Massachusetts General Court incorporated Machias as a town on June 23, 1784
  • The Machias Savings Bank held, at the beginning of the fiscal year of 1880, in deposits and profits, the sum of $339,708.36
  • The word Machias in the Passamaquoddy language means “bad little falls,” which is representative of the beautiful and rugged waterfalls located on the Machias River
  • The Machiasport River empties and refills daily due to the tides coming in from the ocean. Fisherman look at this tide schedule to know the best time to fish due to the low and high tides
  • The falls provided the power to the historic mills that lined the waterway to the bay
  • Machias is filled with many beautiful state parks, Falls, and Parks
  • The Machias Wild Blueberry Festival is a big hit! They enjoy celebrating the powerful little fruit that put the corner of southeast Maine on the map
  • You’ll find everything from beautiful pottery to sea-glass jewelry, to unique food among many booths around the Centre Street Church and downtown Machias
  • Machias has a big pie-eating contest where ten contestants compete at the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival

Machias was a very fun place for us to visit. We recommend it, especially if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors!

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