Peak 2018 Conference Highlights

The Peak team believes Lincoln is a great place to live or visit and are super excited we got to show some of our clients our Nebraska pride! The New York Times talked about Lincoln and five places worth visiting here! The paper talked about how the “Other Room” was a fun place to visit in Lincoln and this happened to be one of the places we took some of our clients. Not only that, but the New York Times was there when we were and several of us got in some of the pictures! It also showed the Graduate Hotel in a picture which was the location of our conference. Check out the article in the New York Times below:

The second annual Peak Consulting LLC conference was September 26th through the 28th, 2018.  This rewarding event was held at the Graduate Hotel in Lincoln, NE.   Each session on the agenda was well attended.  Some of the topics covered during the training sessions were Collateral Management, Sweep Processing, Escrow Automation, Credit Bureau Reporting and Core Optimization.  A few of the vendors also had sessions that allowed them to share relevant products.  The entire conference, whether a training session, a break or a gathering after hours, created great and lasting networking opportunities among the attendees.     

The Peak team invited vendors and those who joined the conference made it even more special!  Those in attendance were C|C Interactive, Foxtrot from Enablesoft, Info-Pro, LSI and Quest Analytics.  We would like to thank them for being a part of this great networking opportunity and sharing their great processes to enhance bank services and efficiencies.

This year’s conference was attended by Peak teams Lead Technical Resource- Dan, Office Manager-Susan and Marketing Specialist-Megan.  This a great way for them to meet our clients and become more knowledgeable about them.

As a newer employee of Peak Consulting, Susan saw nothing but excitement and opportunity in each and every attendee.   It was amazing to see bank representatives learning from one another after taking part in the sessions attended earlier in the day!

Here are a few thoughts shared:

The majority of attendees noted they are highly likely to recommend Peak’s conference to another banker!

Over half of the attendees felt the speakers at Peak’s conference were extremely engaging, while the remaining attendees felt they were very engaging.

Business Analytics support/training would be a great addition.  The team does a fantastic job making your clients feel special. Great team!!

This conference is the BEST! You do a great job with the sessions and sharing your knowledge. The smaller groups make it easier to ask questions. I highly recommend this conference to others.

Brent Reynolds and Cole Anderson, our owners of Peak Consulting LLC, continue to believe their vision to hold a conference with quality training.   Details for next year’s conference will be discussed and released when they become available.  Thank you for your continued support Bank Attendees!

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Footage of a competitive game of table soccer
Part of the Peak Team and some attendees
Peak 2018 Conference at Graduate Hotel
Brent and Cole presenting a training session