End of the Year Processing

End of Year Processing Tips

It’s that time of year again: Tax Season!  January can be a hectic time for banks as they go through their End of Year Procedures to get tax forms mailed to out to customers by the deadline. Review the following tips for a smooth Tax Reporting Season.

  • Review all parameters to validate cutoff amounts and any new options/requirements prior to the End of Year extract.
  • Run reports to determine the number of customers that should be getting forms and compare with the system generated reports and to the actual number of generated forms.
  • Review any exception customers and accounts:
    • Customers without a Tax ID defined that have reportable accounts
    • Deposit accounts set to non-reportable (certain types of accounts may be non-reportable but most accounts should be reported)
    • Loan Interest Reporting Codes (no reporting, borrower only or 1098)
    • Foreign Customers (1042-S)
    • Determine how the 1099 Misc forms for non-employee compensation payments will be produced if they are not directly stored on the core
  • Review Individual Retirement Accounts:
    • Validate transactions are coded properly for reporting purposes
    • Verify the IRA type i.e. Traditional vs. Inherited vs. Roth is being reported correctly
    • Notify customers with an annual IRA statement of their Fair Market Value
    • Notify customers in Mandatory Distribution of their calculated 2019 RMD
  • Review Health Savings Accounts to validate transactions are coded properly for reporting purposes and send annual statements.
  • Before mailing tax forms, verify they are masked appropriately and that everything is in the correct box. If working with a Print Vendor, have them send samples of each type of form for approval prior to mailing to validate the forms are correct.
  • Correction forms can be created for any incorrect forms sent to customers either prior to the Federal File being produced or after the Federal File is produced if necessary.

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