2019 Mattoon, IL

MAT-toon, il-uh-noi

Mattoon, IL

This past week Loan Consultant Brent and Project Manager Stephanie took a trip to Southeastern Illinois for a Loan Optimization Consultation with a community bank. They enjoyed the local restaurants, welcoming community and energetic staff that was eager to learn new things and teach us a little on the way. Starting with the pronunciation of Mattoon, IL. Both Brent and I were under the impression it was pronounced Mah-toon but we were surprised to find out it is in fact MAT-toon and that we would quickly be identified as visitors if we pronounced it the other way.

While the most eventful things typically happened while we were at the bank, Brent and I did experience our first gas leak at our hotel. While we were getting our daily workout in at the fitness center, we were escorted out by the fire department. Since we didn’t quite finish our workout yet and had to wait outside while they completed their inspections. We decided to take a stroll around the local business district to finish our activity goals for the day (can I get a high five from any Apple Watch users that close their rings today!) It turns out there was in fact at gas leak and they were able to localize and get everyone back in within the hour.

One of the perks of constantly traveling is sometimes you get to rent a pretty sweet car for the week. Brent and I flew into the St. Louis airport and drove the two hours to Mattoon. Of course, if we’re to sit in a car for awhile it is that much more fun when it’s a fancy black sports car. We rented a 2019 Dodge Challenger for the week and enjoyed getting to “safely” test what it could do.

We love getting to know our clients on a personal level as well as assist in optimizing their Premier® system. Stephanie was able to bond with one participant over dance, she loves being able to teach at a local studio in Lincoln, while the client’s son just finished up his senior year at Mattoon Academy. Brent was able to bond with another client over his love of Pilots Frixion erasable pens. While traveling can be exhausting, working with such great people makes it all worth it!