Why Ascend+

Why take your Ascend program to the next level with Ascend+?

Do you have a laundry list of projects on your desk?

Know what you want to accomplish but don’t know quite how to get there?

Have limited staff resources outside of everyday tasks?

Ascend+ is for you.

With a loan or deposit core optimization completed by our Peak Consulting LLC consultants, clients typically walk away with new found knowledge of their core system. This creates a list of updates and procedures that they would like to implement but not everything is as easy as flipping a switch. Some changes are customer impacting, internally impacting and will take time to train and make a permanent workflow. With Ascend+ you will be assigned a specific project manager that works directly with the Peak Consultants and your team to get projects to the finish line.

Through the use of the Smartsheet® platform you will have access to a live and centralized communication platform. This tool provides the ability to customize details for your institution and project. Additionally you will be able to assign and automate follow ups with assigned staff.

A great offering from the Ascend+ program is the ability to compose a summary dashboard for upper level management. By taking all the data from the smartsheet list and creating a one page of charts/graphs a high level overview of project status can be produced for upper management with a small amount of effort.

Contact Stephanie (stephanie@peakconsultingllc.com) or your consultant today to discuss your Ascend+ options.

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