Define Your Project Scope

What are the benefits to defining a project scope?

As an operations manager within a community bank I’m sure you often find yourself in the project manager seat in addition to your daily management tasks. Especially after an onsite engagement with Peak Consulting you will most likely walkaway with new found knowledge of your core system, procedural changes that you would like to implement and system changes that could net additional income or savings but have impacts to clients you need to work through. Deciding which project to start on can be overwhelming and get pushed to the back burner as your daily tasks continue to pile up.

The best way to take advantage of your Core optimization findings quickly is to write out all projects on the table whether by purchasing the follow up document from your consultant or cataloging the recommended adjustments as you work through your onsite review once the list is defined you can more easily decide which project to undergo first.

The best way to keep a project on track and working toward the finish line is to have a well-defined scope. This keeps all active participants focused and moving toward a common goal. Communication breakdowns can easily happen when individuals lose sight of the end goal and start putting up barriers as obstacles arise. Having your scope defined from the start and in a centralized location for easy reference helps ease any strains that naturally come up.

Peak suggests using a centralized communication platform like Smartsheet® to keep all communication in one place and reference the scope when starting strategy meetings as a means to motivate and guide the goal of the project. For more information on how Peak Consulting LLC can help you with your project management efforts and to learn more about our Ascend+ program contact Stephanie (

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