Peak Consulting’s Stance Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Onsite engagements are the heart of what we do. However, with the current pace of the COVID-19 spread Peak has taken to the internet and invested in top of the line technology. For years we have had great success serving our clients on-site, and although this is still our preference, we understand requirements for health and safety are changing the status-quo by the hour. With the governments recommendation to avoid gatherings of 10 or more, Peak has made adaptations to our current virtual set up by investing in additional technology to make virtual engagements more interactive.

Meet our new friend The Owl.

The Owl Pro is the perfect addition to our virtual training labs. With simple meeting set up, the Owl Pro watches for movement and follows our consultants so they can present remotely with ease. It’s the next best thing to being onsite. We can also assist in the set-up of the Owl Pro for clients to have a virtual training room onsite.

Our facility has multiple dedicated training labs equipped with new technology to make the absolute best of the remote experience all the way down to the good old white board! Our team is committed to creating the same quality Peak experience our clients love. We’re here to assist community banks so you can better serve your customers and support our communities during this pandemic.

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