Peak Consulting Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

A long time ago in a land far, far away… well not really, were actually talking about a room in the back of a gym in a building in Hickman, NE. It all started with two friends that wanted to continue serving community banks in a unique way. Since day one, the pair has always agreed on their core mission; to serve community banks with honesty and integrity, by helping educate them on how to best use their core system. Peak’s mission to deliver training through an onsite face to face interaction with clients, no matter what asset size, location, or project size immediately resonated with clients.

While Brent and Cole specialized in loan operations, it became immediately apparent that they needed to expand the offering to include deposit operations. In early 2016 they were lucky enough to bring Christy on to the team. “Christy was the only person for this role, period. Christy has an unparalleled ability to connect with clients personally and professionally. No other person could have immediately stepped in and fulfilled the Peak mission; oh, and she also came with nearly 20 years core experience!” – Cole

Like the start of any new company, the first couple of years were a struggle to market the business to new clients, while also providing best in class consulting services.

“We still catch flack today because we originally drove to all of our conferences in New Orleans, New Jersey, and Michigan. In our minds, it made total sense to limit cost, still get face to face time in front of Premier users across the country, and visit banks in between events… no-brainier” – Brent.

Peak’s message and value proposition has continued to spread to new clients across 38 states so far… still waiting on Hawaii and Alaska! In an effort to maintain a top-notch client experience, Brent and Cole made the critical choice to invest in administrative staff to help our consultants do what they do best, consult! Peak brought on Dan in 2017 to add some technical fire power to some of our team’s grand ideas. Shortly after, Susan Royal came aboard to help manage many of the critical office tasks to help support the team.

An increase in staff meant that a new location was necessary…even though Christy was really enjoying her time cooped up in a 100 square foot room with Brent and Cole! Brent and Cole quickly realized that a little more space, ironically now required by COVID-19, was needed as the team grew. We had the opportunity to buy the property that we were operating in and converted it into Peak’s new headquarters. This new space provided us the room we needed to grow.

In 2019 that growth plan quickly came to fruition. Marketing efforts continued to ramp up from involvement in nearly all the Fiserv Premier user groups across the country and the continued success of Peak’s very own conference, “PeakCon.” As a result, we brought in Stephanie to provide oversight into all our marketing efforts.

In 2019, Peak also took the opportunity to continually expand consulting in the area of RPA with the addition of Chris and striking a strategic partnership with Nintex Foxtrot RPA. “We have always looked to provide clients with solutions even if it is not our area of expertise. If we aren’t the experts, we look to find partners that are. That mentality has allowed us to stick to our core mission while also providing additional solutions to our clients. All of our partners like C|C Interactive, InfoPro, LSI, Nintex Foxtrot RPA to name a few, operate with the same values and help support our services in a very direct way.” Chris adds a critical pillar to Peak’s growing consulting offerings which now provides a core agnostic service.

Last but not least, our newest member of the team Maureen was added to help support our owners with the many additional tasks that come along with running the business, while operating a consulting schedule at nearly 100% of total hour capacity.

With every addition the Peak family continues to become stronger and our mission will always focus on the same core value, helping community banks with honesty and integrity. Peak couldn’t have accomplished all this without great leadership and support. From the Peak Team, thank you Brent and Cole for all you do. Congratulations on 5 Years of Excellence and many more to come!