Peak Series: Assistance During Covid-19: Zoom meetings while working from home

As we’ve found ourselves in a new normal due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, much of the world has taken to online video conferencing platforms to continue working from home, receiving education and communicating with family and friends. With this newfound way of communicating the popular platform Zoom quickly became the front runner for new users nationwide. For years Peak has utilized Zoom for remote work, we utilize its ability to screen share and its “take control” feature for users to take over the hosts screen if needed. This advanced feature gives us the ability to navigate through various technology while performing consulting services.

Most recently however Zoom has found itself at the forefront of the news for security breaches and what they now are calling “Zoom bombers”. With the increase of Zoom users by over 100% since the pandemics beginning, many new users are inexperienced in the use of Zoom and not properly utilizing current security features. While financial institutions review the security of Zoom meetings, rest assured Peak Consulting has always implemented Zoom’s security features such as unique meeting codes and password requirements to keep client’s information safe.

In addition to setting meeting passwords that are only shared with users via email within the calendar invite, we also utilize the waiting room feature. With this feature users are only allowed to enter the meeting once approved by the meeting host so our consultants can verify each person that is viewing the meeting. These precautions have assisted our work from home efforts so we can maintain the social distancing guidelines set forth by local and national governments.