Peak Series – Covid19: Nintex or MAP? or Both?

The age-old question MAP (Fiserv) or FoxTrot? My response most times; why not both? Most clients view these critical automation and mass maintenance tools as an “either or” type relationship, when in reality they really form a beautiful relationship. Here are a few factors on deciding which to use.

1. The Obvious One – Which System are you using? If you are functioning only within Fiserv Premier and all your changes are available within MAP…use MAP. MAP has 2 major benefits. Speed and Simplicity. A user with basic understanding of Fiserv can use MAP with minimal training.

2. Does it need a brain? Advanced users of Nintex RPA can use the software to make complex decisions based on the data it has or additional variables you need it to grab. No such luck with MAP. MAP appropriately changes simple data fed to the system but has no ability to make decisions on the fly. So why not use both? We often use Nintex RPA to gather, massage and generate the simplistic data file MAP needs to process.

3. Speed. While this use to be a no contest advantage to MAP, with the Nintex injection of the new Botflow model licensing you can spin up as many virtual machines as you can handle to get the speed you need. P.S. if you are still on the old Enablesoft license structure…call us!

Both systems offer their own unique opportunities and really should be looked at as stacked technologies vs competitors. Our clients have huge success leveraging both systems independently while also using as a team. While Nintex RPA provides true end to end process automation, take the opportunity to leverage MAP processing within an RPA script to get the best of both worlds!

If you’d like to know more about utilizing MAP and Nintex contact us today!