Peak Series – RPA: Peak Consulting assists banks nationwide with RPA Training

When clients initially reach out to us for RPA assistance, it is almost always to have us help tackle a very specific project or script. Whether its building something from scratch or tweaking a current script, our RPA expert can jump in and help immediately. However, with the power that RPA holds, banks often find themselves wondering how they can get a better return on their investment without putting a lot of extra time and money into hiring additional IT staff or training. Our RPA Consulting line offers training solutions that are first and foremost; Bank Focused and Experience Driven.

Our main goal for RPA training is to be as efficient as possible; I mean that’s most likely why you are investing in the technology anyway right? We would typically start with a discovery plan to identify what scripts would be the most useful right away while building plans for future projects to add to the list. Our training offerings can be completed remotely via zoom (or your hosted webinar service) or on-site. We provide custom tailored training sessions; build live scripts you need while showcasing feature functionality and best practice script building. These scripts can be used in production immediately after training knocking out two birds with one stone. We find the information is retained faster and easier if we schedule one to four-hour training times to accommodate your staff’s busy schedules instead of taking everyone out of work for a week to sit in training classes.

Examples of what our clients have found most useful:

• Showcased the benefits of RPA Central while training on error handling, script login, best practices on increasing speed and accuracy of scripts

• Building load balancing queues to decrease processing speed, importing of text files and advanced error handling

• Training on advanced features such as lookup lists, complex script statements and features that opened up scripting capabilities the bank didn’t even think was possible

With Peak Consulting’s RPA training services, you will be able to set your staff up for success by providing them the tools to work independently of IT on RPA scripting for projects and customization of current scripts. Contact us today to discuss your options for a personalized RPA training session.