Peak Series – Partnership Spotlight: LSI

Here at Peak Consulting, we choose partners who provide products or services that compliment the work we do during our engagements. We additionally look for those companies that take a customer first focus to their business operations and provide quality customer service that we can stand behind.

LSI was an early partner of Peak Consulting, first and foremost because of their ability to go the extra mile when looking at implementation options for their services, while also providing a top of the line product. LSI is a bank operations call service center who provides overflow and after hours phone services to keep your operations running, even after you close your doors for the evening.

Their services include:
• Consumer lending for loan processing and underwriting

• Debt Management to include outbound calling

• Mortgage Lending providing customer access by phone, or internet

• Digital Lending

• Indirect underwriting

• Customer Service and Outbound Campaigns

We are proud to partner with LSI and back their ability to help our clients leverage technology to connect people with people.

Their #AlwaysLIVE campaign is focused on keeping banks available during peak call times and after hours at a competitive rate that will increase your financial institutions ability to stand out among the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about LSI and our many Peak Partners.