Peak Series – RPA: Certified Expert vs QUALIFIED Certified Expert. Know the difference.

You’re most likely here because you are interested in RPA or have already made the investment but now are looking for the next step in figuring out how to use the system. But how do you know who to turn to or if they really can help you with your unique needs. Many IT professionals can scrounge up the logic needed to put a basic script together but in order to really make the most out of your investment as well as build scripts that integrate best with your financial institutions set up you’ll need to turn to an RPA expert that has the experience.

That’s where we come in; RPA technology can be used across many business markets in all areas of the world. In fact, Nintex RPA is an international company with Nintex Certified Experts all over from hospitals to accounting and law firms to banks. Knowing the difference between someone that holds the certification and an individual that is QUALIFIED to assist in integrating RPA to your banking operations is key.

Insert Chris Hubbard, with over 18 years as an RPA consultant Chris not only holds the Expert Level certification for Nintex RPA, he has worked primarily with bank operations on his RPA consulting work. A qualified individual like Chris will not only be able to identify the logic needed to build the scripts but he also has worked with multiple banking core platforms on various projects throughout the bank. From conversions to name and address clean-up for the deposit teams to loan collateral clean up for the loans department; Chris is able to introduce an additional layer of consulting to his scripting training and development from his experience in banking.

From the training perspective a QUALIFIED Certified RPA Expert can show real life scenarios for scripts that can be used for special projects that have been identified prior to training or bring examples for core maintenance that are fairly standard from one bank to another. With various file tweaks to make sure the script runs according to your core and specs; Chris is able to quickly step in and make an immediate impact on your knowledge and utilization of RPA.

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