Peak Series – Partnership Spotlight: Nintex

Peak Consulting initially began our RPA partnership with Enablesoft with their Foxtrot product to help bring an automation tool to our clients from a company that had similar principles as ours. Client focused, always improving, and seeking feedback from users as well as integrating with various core platforms.

With the purchase of Enablesoft by Nintex the RPA product received a system upgrade with the introduction of RPA Central and a whole new way to license RPA technology. Additionally, their suite of products spans process automation in its entirety, not just through the use of RPA to give a one stop shop partner for our clients to utilize.

Their toolset includes:
• Robotic Process Automation (FKA Foxtrot RPA)

• Process Mapping and Collaboration

• Workflow

• Document Generation

• eSignature and Digital Forms

• Customer Service and Outbound Campaigns

We are proud to partner with Nintex and back their ability to help our clients leverage technology to automate and create efficiencies throughout the bank.

Paired with our SME for RPA your financial institution is in the best hands for optimization of your processes.

Contact us today to learn more about Nintex and our many Peak Partners.