Why Choose Optimization+

Onsite week is full of education, recommendations and project planning to optimize your loan or deposit core operations. Some of the financial institutions we work with are able to take the many recommendations made during onsite week and hire project managers or assign FTEs to handle the changes. However, oftentimes the follow-up document modifications are set aside and pushed to the back seat for more important daily tasks.

With the addition of Optimization+ to your engagement you’ll be able to complete pre-engagement clean up of data as well as make on the fly changes to recommendations while our consultants are onsite. We are able to make post engagement plans to implement any large projects that may not be able to be completed while we are onsite through starting the dialog for script development.

With our RPA SME working behind the scenes you’ll be able to lose the interns, reduce the amount of late nights and negate the need to take time away from FTEs daily tasks. Although the information you receive during an engagement can be constructive and beneficial this offering can take away the overwhelming pressure that can follow to take advantage of the investment.
Contact us today for more information on how you can include Optimization+ to your next engagement.