Peak Series – Conference: Look back at UnitiEast

We were so excited to be granted the opportunity to provide Loan, Deposit and RPA training this year at UnitiEast 2020. With the challenges of COVID-19 for in-person meetings and events the user group has unfortunately decided to cancel the 2020 event.

In lieu of our annual conference recap videos we wanted to share some Throwback Thursday photos of our many years traveling to the Northeast for this exciting event!

Our first adventure to UnitiEast was in 2015, with Peak just getting our start earlier in the year we knew the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful group of financial institutions was a great way to build relationships! Brent and Cole hit the road and headed out to Fairfax, VA for their first UnitiEast appearance.

By 2016 Peak had gained another asset with the hiring of Christy earlier that year. We were excited to bring another product offering, in deposit consulting, to the market and decided to take the whole team to Princeton, NJ.

Portland, ME was the location of choice for 2017, 2018 and 2019 with Brent making the trip from Nebraska each year, he was excited to be able to show Stephanie the ropes in 2019 when she joined the team and took on conference season with him. From the unique experience of the lobster bake to finding the local Nebraska bar after dinner one night, we loved the opportunity to meet with fellow vendors and clients. A huge thank you to all the UnitiEast members that put so much time and effort into putting on a quality event! We look forward to picking back up in 2021 with everyone!

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