Chris Hubbard Obtains Expert Certification

Chris Hubbard, Senior Technical Architect and RPA Expert with Peak Consulting, LLC recently obtained the Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert Certification.  This is the required certification exam to become a certified Nintex Process Automation Expert – Nintex Workflow Cloud. In his final exam, he answered questions based on intermediate-level concepts of Nintex Workflow Cloud.

The knowledge categories Chris is certified expert include:

  • Apply complex logic including Branch by Stage, Branch by Value, Loops, and Conditional Branching.
  • Configure and manipulate collection and object data.
  • Build complex Nintex Form rules utilizing rules, variables, and functions.
  • Generate documents with dynamic data.
  • Apply best practices in Nintex forms and workflow design.

“Chris is continuously striving for excellence in the field of Robotic Process Automation.  With his most recent certification, Chris is now among the top of his peers in the industry.  We are very proud to have Chris on the Peak Consulting LLC team.”  – Peak Consulting LLC President and Co-Founder, Brent Reynolds.