Peak’s Automation Team Enlisted to Build RPA Bridge from Encompass to Fiserv Premier

Peak’s Automation team solves the problem of old outdated multi-vendor solutions in loan boarding using Nintex RPA.

The focus of the engagement was to provide scripting expertise on the Nintex RPA (FoxTrot) product in an effort to integrate data delivered by Encompass origination engine into the Fiserv Premier Core System.

Peak’s team provided the following key skills as well as acted as a resource in the following roles:

• Provided industry core processing expertise throughout conversion
• Nintex RPA Scripting Design
• Nintex RPA Script Execution
• Nintex RPA Script Monitoring
• Provided subject matter expertise during key meetings between Client and other Vendors
• Worked across various areas involved in the conversion to facilitated business unit approvals
• Provided key advice during internal meetings
• Provided adequate resources to minimize customer impact during transition
• Assisted Client in documenting conversion process to use in future processes
• SQL based QC reporting and database processing

We are always excited to help our bank partners get the most out of their processing systems by implementing strategies and leveraging technologies like Nintex RPA. Contact us today to see if we have a boarding solution that can help you!