Peak Partners with north eastern bank for new employee training

New employee training is a worthwhile investment for any bank.  However, in a fast-paced environment, finding the time to train new employees can be a challenge.  Peak Consulting recently partnered with a north eastern bank for a 3-day new employee training. Peak Consulting was able to take the time to introduce the new employees to the core systems the bank utilizes and answer questions.

Here is what an employee had to say after the completion of the 3-day training sessions with Peak Consulting: “I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to you for the remarkable job you did showing us the FISERV Premier® system.  In my previous community bank experience, I was never provided with any core training which means learning the core was a prolonged ordeal of trial and error, opening cases, reading through poorly written procedures, asking questions at user group conferences, etc.  I feel what you showed us will likely save me dozens of hours of trying to figure out stuff on my own.  I’m certain there is much more to learn, but I appreciate the jump-start you provided.”

Peak was honored to have a role in a new employee career path and commends the bank for seeing the value of investing in their employees (plus they will be more effective). Contact a Peak Consultant today to learn more about new employee training services!