Peak Completes 4-day Loan Core Optimization at North Dakota Bank

A northern Midwest bank with over $1.5 billion in assets enlisted the help of Peak’s trusted consultants to complete a 4-day Loan Core Optimization in February.  The onsite engagement consisted of a full specification review and evaluation of current systems and processes.  Overall, Peak was able to identify and suggest many process improvements and efficiency gains.

The Loan Servicing Team Lead said this following our engagement, “After completing our Loan Core Optimization with Brent, he helped us find a number of ways to improve our current processes that will save us a lot of time each day! Simple things such as changes to our transaction codes and billing will remove the manual work that we are currently doing. We will also be able to clean up our system substantially which will create savings for us. We are excited about everything we learned and looking forward to implementing them!”

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