Peak Assists Bank with Large Integration Restructure Project

The Peak Consulting team recently worked with a bank on an Integration Restructure project. Prior to Peak’s assistance with the project, the bank would have had to go in and touch 9 tables per class code each time a change was needed. For example, with 28 residential mortgage classes, 252 tables needed to be touched in order to add a new GL account. Peak assisted with consolidating the integration tables which makes updating table information more efficient. Now if a new GL account is needed for the residential mortgage loans, only 28 tables need to be modified. Not only is this time effective, but it also reduces the chance of missing a table or incorrectly inputting the new GL number.

Here is what the bank had to say about Christy Mollhoff, AVP/Deposit Consulting Director, “It was a pleasure to work with Christy at Peak Consulting LLC! She was pleasant, funny and knowledgeable. Christy was able to answer all our questions and efficiently walk us through the process. I never once felt like we made a mistake in initiating the changes or in working with Peak Consulting LLC. I would not hesitate to contact them with future questions!”

Integration Restructure projects are a customized engagement and can be completed in as little as two days, depending on current setup and GL account number structure. Contact Peak Consulting today to learn more!