Peak Reveals New Website

Peak Consulting LLC enlisted the assistance of Agency 877, a creative marketing agency in Lincoln, Nebraska, to help rebrand the company.  The goal of the project was to establish a consistent color system, typography, including primary and secondary fonts, and icons for each set of services that Peak offers.

Color’s role in branding and branded communication cannot be underestimated.  Research supports that 62-90% of consumers’ initial assessment of any given brand is based on color.  Peak reveals a Primary Color System of light blue to dark blue, as well as a gradient hue that you will begin to see throughout our website and marketing materials.  We also established a Secondary Color System that will be assigned to each subset of Peak Services.

The iconography was established to represent the various services that Peak Consulting offers: Loans, Deposits, RPA, and Specialized Services.

Overall, Peak is extremely pleased with the re-brand, and we encourage you to visit our website to check it out!