Tennessee Bank Signs with Peak Consulting to Perform Deposit Consulting Services

A Tennessee Bank enlisted Peak Consulting for Deposit Consulting Services and the development of a new Overdraft Program along with Reg E Opt In. The focus of the engagement included the following:

  • Discovery Session
  • Review of applicable specifications
  • Current Exception Item decision process review
  • Strategy Session: determine bank policy and specific plan of action
  • Specification changes for testing
  • Testing new decision plan
  • Report Creation: Develop Business Analytics reports for monitoring accounts
  • Procedures: Create daily/monthly procedures and train staff on new processes
  • Implementation Plan

Peak was able to help the bank change from a non-post environment to a post-all environment.  Additionally, Peak was able to assist the bank with setting up automated decision plans for their NSF processing.  Some additional specification changes were implemented that will help make daily operations more efficient. Overall, the Tennessee bank was extremely pleased with these changes and highly recommends Peak services to banks with a similar project.