Illinois Bank Sees Value in Both Loan and Deposit Core Optimizations

An Illinois bank recently signed both a Loan and Deposit Core Optimization with Peak Consulting giving them a true wholistic view of both sides of the bank operating system.  Consultants from the Peak team traveled on-site to conduct the 4-day engagements, with the Loan Core Optimization first, followed by the Deposit Core Optimization.

Feedback from the engagements noted the following:

“Each section of the engagement was presented in a very clear and organized manner.  The Peak team was very focused on our pain points and overall goals.”

“The tickler and collateral sections with the additional information were very informative and easy to understand.”

“I most enjoyed the open discussions with the Peak team.  They were extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the Fiserv Premier® core and gave us tips and tricks on how to more effectively use the software we already own.”

While Peak Consulting prefers the traditional on-site training model for engagements, virtual engagements are also an option if that is a better fit for the bank.  For more information visit our website at