Minnesota Bank Automates a Manual Process for Efficiency and Productivity Gain

The Automation and Reporting team at Peak Consulting recently worked with a Minnesota bank to develop a script that would automate the search process for missing account numbers.

Previously, bank employees would have to manually search for the account numbers on a daily basis. This was a very time-consuming process for bank employees, and they knew there had to be a better way.

With the development of this script using Nintex RPA, formerly known as FoxTrot, the bank now receives check images and feeds it to a program called All My Papers to deliver the check confirmation to the customer. However, if the check file is missing, the Bank of First Deposit Account Number, All My Papers doesn’t know who to send the check to. Peak was able to scrape a check id from the rejected file, search a TMS report for the account number, then populate the check file.

For more information on this process or other ways to automate, contact our Automation & Reporting team by emailing RPA@Peakconsultingllc.com.  They are ready to tackle your automation projects today!