Peak Completes Successful Name and Address Merge Project with Iowa Bank

An Iowa bank reached out to Peak Consulting for assistance with a Name and Address Merge project.  The focus of the engagement was to conduct a complete Name and Address Analysis to determine a strategy to merge Names and Addresses. The Name and Address Merge Consulting project consisted of 2 phases.

Week 1: Discovery and Standardization

Peak Consulting performed a comprehensive review of the banks current name and address structure by meeting with the applicable bank staff and utilizing Business Analytics reports. Name and Address standardization guidelines were defined, and procedures for new accounts going forward were outlined.

Week 2: Name and Address Cleanup/Training

The second week of the project Peak worked with the bank to outline a strategy for cleanup of existing records and assist with a process to identify names and addresses that were set up incorrectly going forward. Peak then provided training to the bank staff on name and address merge.

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