NebraskaLand Bank Enlists Peak for FCRM Alert Definition Optimization

When was the last time you reviewed your alert definitions and adjusted parameters or added new alerts?  Possibly never!  Jen Bierlein-Oline, BSA/AML and Reporting Consultant at Peak Consulting, specializes in FCRM/AML Manager Alert Definitions.  During this engagement we will take a deep dive into the BSA/AML alerts available within FCRM/AML Manager (whether active or not) and help you determine the existing alerts to modify, new alerts to add, and then how to best set parameters within your institution’s risk tolerance and productivity goals.

NebraskaLand Bank recently enlisted Peak Consulting for an FCRM Alert Definition Optimization.  The bank wanted Peak to assist them in finding more efficient ways to do their daily work.  Jen Bierlein-Oline worked onsite with the bank for 4 days, and they were excited to learn that they could reduce their alert volume in half while still maintaining regulatory compliance, receive higher quality alerts, and implement new alerts to further assist them in identifying suspicious activity.

Additional BSA/AML services include:

  • FCRM/AML Manager Risk Rating Automation
  • FCRM/AML Manager Expected Behavior Alert Implementation
  • FCRM/AML Manager Business Analytics and Report Customization
  • BSA/AML Risk Assessment/Policy/Procedure Review

Contact Peak Consulting for a no obligation discovery call for any one of these engagements.  We are here to help!
Jen Bierlein-Oline can be reached at or at 612-382-1958.