Peak helps Minnesota Credit Union Automate Birthday Reminders

When you think of automation, do you find yourself looking for operations/loan processes that can be optimized to save employee time and reduce manual error risk? While that is a huge component of automation, it is often in the people processes where we can see robotic process automation (RPA) add a lot of value.

The Automation & Reporting team at Peak Consulting recently partnered with a Minnesota credit union to create an RPA process highlighting its employees by sending birthday reminders to each employee’s manager. The coolest part? Each reminder contained that employee’s preferred way of being celebrated along with his/her/their favorite treat. The reminders go out a week prior to the birthday, so the manager has time to put something together to celebrate that employee. This client is utilizing a similar RPA process to celebrate its employee’s milestone work anniversaries as well!

 The Technical Architects at Peak love seeing how RPA can be leveraged to celebrate employees in ways like this!

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