Peak Helps South Dakota Bank with Improvement and Efficiency Opportunities thru Process Mapping

Why process map?

Process mapping is a great exercise to gain a full understanding of cross-departmental functions and find efficiencies. Often times multiple departments don’t fully understand the role another department plays in their process. By creating a full picture, you can easily identify duplicate efforts, redundant documentation, misused software, and inconsistencies.

When to consider process mapping:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • New software discovery/implementation
  • Determine robotic process automation candidates
  • Identify process improvements
  • Find efficiencies and time/money savings
  • Understanding customer impact
  • Software utilization review
  • Defining accountabilities and ownership

Process Candidates Include:  

  • Fraud Disputes
  • Mortgage Processing and Boarding
  • Customer Onboarding
  • New Account Check Off
  • Debit Card Ordering/Instant Issue

Peak was engaged with a South Dakota bank to help process map the dispute processes for ACH, POS, and check disputes. Peak was able to document over 300 process steps including ownership and software used. Thru Process Mapping, Peak was able to find over 50 steps that had inconsistencies between staff actions.  Additionally, they were able to formally document over 20 improvement opportunities, from customer communication and time savings, to clarifying the process when it wasn’t addressed in procedures.

Peak Consulting would love to help your team find improvements and efficiencies thru Process Mapping. Head to our website to learn more about Process Mapping and contact Amanda VanWesten for questions and pricing.