Peak Consulting Announces Promotions

Brent Reynolds and Cole Anderson, co-founders of Peak Consulting are proud to announce recent staff promotions.

Christy Mollhoff
Christy was recently promoted to Vice President of Peak Consulting.  Christy has done an amazing job serving our clients, team, and company for over six years. Her promotion to this position is a result of her outstanding performance, leadership, and care for the company, which impacts us all. Christy also now manages and mentors an additional consultant in her business line, Amanda VanWesten, who plays an important role in growing our Deposit services.

Brandy Nielson
Brandy was recently promoted to Manager of Operations and Marketing. This is a new role within Peak Consulting.  In this new role, Brandy will focus on the following items:

  • Provide Assistance and Leadership to the business lines so they can be successful.
  • Provide Quality Assurance oversight so the business lines are performing professionally and in a way that serves our customers well.
  • Provide Analytics and Data to Cole and myself on performance metrics.

In addition to these responsibilities, Brandy will manage and mentor Sherri Eggleston who has an important administrative role within the company. Brandy will continue to perform her roles with Marketing.

Christy and Brandy will also make up a new Senior Leadership Team, along with Cole and Brent, and will provide valuable input on key topics.

Please help us congratulate these two team members and their accomplishments. We look forward to more announcements and promotions as our team continues to grow and mature.  Meet the whole Peak Team by visiting: About Fiserv Premier Consultants – Peak Consulting LLC