Arkansas Bank Reduces Daily Manual Reports by 75% With Addition of New Alerts

Peak recently worked with an Arkansas Bank to optimize their FCRM AML Manager and Fraud Manager system. Jen Beirlein-Oline, BSA/AML and Reporting Consultant, guided the bank through understanding the features and tools in FCRM.  Furthermore, Jen helped them identify that critical mapping errors had resulted in transactions not flowing into FCRM. BSA staff were able to reduce their daily manual report review by 75% with the addition of new alerts, and existing alerts were tuned to reduce false positives by more than 50%.  Duplication between the Fraud alerts and AML alerts was eliminated, further reducing the daily workload. The bank was delighted (and surprised) to learn that FCRM can provide automated Customer & Account Risk Rating and expected behavior monitoring and engaged Jen for those opportunities as well.

“Working with Jen Oline on the FCRM software was such a positive experience in so many ways. She was very well prepared for our on-site engagement. She reached out beforehand and walked through what we would need to have available for system specs and setup. She set up a full 4-day agenda that worked around our schedules even when those schedules changed last minute. She covered all areas of concern or interest that we requested. Most of all she has the banking and BSA knowledge along with the technical workings of FCRM to explain and guide us through our learning curve with the program. We couldn’t have asked for more!”

Peak Consulting can also assist with other FCRM related projects including: FCRM/AML Manager Risk Rating Automation, Business Analytics and Report Customization, End User Training, and more!

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