Peak Utilizes Excel VBA Automation Solution for Director Reports

Do you ever get frustrated trying to pull data out of a text file? Wish you had a quick and easy way to convert those pesky non-delimited files into an aesthetically pleasing and usable Excel worksheet? We’re all looking at you Director reports…

Well, look no further! Our Automation & Reporting team has a quick solution to this age-old problem. We have recently partnered with clients to implement an Excel VBA macro to parse data out of Director report text files. Since the data is being stored inside a workbook, performing an analysis, completing a reconciliation, or grouping data together for a management report can easily be automated.

Let us help you automate this frustrating process away using nothing more than Microsoft Excel.

Additional Automation & Reporting services include: 

  • Custom RPA Script Development
  • Nintex RPA End-User Training
  • Nintex Workflow Cloud Development
  • Nintex Workflow Cloud End-User Training
  • Business Analytics Report Development
  • SharePoint Development

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