Fiserv Premier® Consultants at Peak Consulting LLC

As a team, we are passionate about working with clients to maximize their core software investment. PEAK consultants draw from over 9,000 hours of onsite experience, with banks of varying sizes, to deliver best in class solutions all across the nation. Our Fiserv Premier® Consultants specialize in efficiency analysis, training, conversions, project management and revenue growth.

Brent Reynolds

Brent is the President and Consulting Director for Peak Consulting. Read Brent’s full bio below.

Cole Anderson

Cole is an EVP and Loan Consulting Director for Peak Consulting. Read Cole’s full bio below.

Christine "Christy" Mollhoff

Christy is the Deposit Consulting Director for Peak Consulting. Read Christy’s full bio below.

Dan Bontrager

Dan Bontrager is the Lead Technical Resource for Peak Consulting. Read Dan’s full bio below.

Susan Royal

Susan Royal is the Office Manager for Peak Consulting.  Read Susan’s full bio below.

Jake Kramer

Jake Kramer (from Artillery Media) is the Creative Director on retainer for Peak Consulting. Read Jake’s full bio below.

Megan Quigley

Megan is the Marketing Specialist for Peak Consulting. Read Megan’s full bio below.

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