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Brent Reynolds

Brent Reynolds

President/Consulting Director

Brent has been working in the banking industry since 2007, when he was hired at Fiserv. During his time at Fiserv he worked in the Loan department providing technical expertise to customers about the Premier® Loan Accounting System (LAS). He then moved into a resource role providing support to other SME’s at the Lincoln location as well as for the outsourced datacenter personnel.  He trained new staff and provided advanced training to existing staff. Brent enjoyed working with banks in a consultative role and pursued developing a business model around providing best practice work to Fiserv Premier® clients. His work was very successful and he became responsible for running the consulting business related to the Premier® Deposit and Loan Applications. He received numerous awards but his greatest accomplishments were the satisfied customers, averaging 78% repeat business. Brent continues to work with clients on best practices and developing new solutions to help clients with improving efficiency, software knowledge, and revenue growth.   Check me out on LinkedIn below!

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