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Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson

EVP/Loan Consulting Director

Cole graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Cole has used his education within the financial services industry with Northwestern Mutual as well as multiple responsibilities working with Fiserv Premier® clients. He spent multiple years at Fiserv helping clients work through complex software issues as well as advising them on best practice solutions on how to maximize their software investment. It became clear that the best way to serve clients was to take a proactive approach by focusing on a client’s specific environment. Cole was instrumental in developing a business model that reached out to clients by going on-site to understand each banks use of the software and elevating their usage to the next level. The on-site consultative model proved to be the preferred method for clients to maximize the system in their current environment as well as giving insights on how to capitalize on new enhancements and functionality.

Spending over 2800 hours on-site with clients has given Cole the unique advantage of delivering not only best practice software advice, but best practice consulting based on proven success models developed with peer banks all across the nation. Cole provided a voice within Fiserv to what the clients wanted and required out of their operating platform. He used that voice to lend changes and enhancements to the product development team to improve the overall experience of the users. Cole was awarded by management on multiple occasions for doing whatever it takes to earn client trust and being the face of Fiserv that they could trust with clients of all sizes. Cole continues to serve clients by offering truly unbiased best practice solutions. He is a Certified Nintex RPA Expert (formally Foxtrot). Cole will continue to find ways to help community banks stay competitive by offering ways to gain efficiency from their software. Check me out on LinkedIn below!

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