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Susan Royal

Susan Royal

Office Manager

Susan has 20 years of banking experience, many of those years in a couple of loan divisions wearing many hats from being a loan assistant, then supervisor, then credit administrator and eventually a Systems Administrator Officer. She assisted with credit presentations, prepared documentation, performed all levels of loan maintenance, created and maintained training manuals for the technology used, tested software updates and helped ensure the needed updates were implemented. She is a lifelong Nebraska resident. Susan has been fortunate to travel to many states as well as to Italy and South America! She noted that all are wonderful memories but there is no place like home! Her hobbies include baking, gardening and sewing. Susan believes that technology/products should be utilized with maximum possibilities as she is a living testimony having sat at many bank desks, in many departments wondering why technology at hand was not used to its greatest potential. Susan sees Peak Consulting as a breath of fresh air and should be embraced by any entity that wants to excel their employee/customer relationships and maximize their monetary investments. The consultants at Peak will become more efficient and be more accessible to you, our clients, as Susan will be able to assist with creating and updating needed documents, answering questions about procedures and needed documents for engagements, managing many office duties, etc. Susan is honored to become a team member of Peak Consulting LLC. She stated the energy at Peak Consulting is infectious!  Check me out on LinkedIn below. 

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