BPM Consulting Services

Our Peak BPM (Business Process Manager) team will help you increase efficiency while maximizing the investment you have already made with BPM. The Peak team has over 10 years of BPM experience working at community banks and at Fiserv. We offer different BPM engagements to help fulfill your needs. We can provide standardization, efficiency, and best practices. We provide insight from years of working with all different kinds of banks and know that what works for one bank might not work for you. See below for more details and know we are open to discussing any service you may need!

Account Opening

Are your Consumer or Business account opening processes taking too long?  Are the account openers having to manually complete information in Navigator or manually type on the forms after they complete the BPM process?  Are the Beneficial Ownership processes working like you would like?  With over 10 years of BPM experience, the BPM Consultants at Peak Consulting will help you utilize BPM to its full potential.  The consultants will help you customize your processes to fit your banks policies and procedures.

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I-32 Custom Forms

Do you have forms that your account openers and tellers are manually filling out in or outside of BPM?  Does I-32 cause your admins stress? Are your logos on your custom forms?  The BPM Consultants at Peak can train your admins on the best practices for I-32.  Our Consultants can also help your bank condition forms.

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File Maintenance

Are you using BPM for more than account opening processes?  BPM can be used as a tool to standardize your procedures across the bank.  With several processes that will export to Navigator, such as Stop Pays, Address Change, Overdraft Protection Sweeps, Transfers and many more processes. In addition, BPM can also help with other procedures, such as filling out forms that can be sent to Director and screenshot instructions to show your teller and account openers the proper way to complete a task.  The BPM Consultants can help create custom processes to fit your policies and procedures.

BPM Admin Training

During the engagement our Consultants will provide hands on training in the different aspects of BPM Admin, from process creation, transitions, wizards, actions, security group, organizing the processes with headers and much more.

BPM End User Training

Our Consultants will train on the best practices for the account openers and tellers to successfully complete a process. They will teach different ways to troubleshoot different scenarios.

I-32 Training

I-32 causes a lot of stress to admin and banks. Our Consultants will show the best practices to create the custom forms efficiently and help eliminate a lot of the stressful aspects of I-32. The training will include how to put the bank logo on forms, how to create data fields, and much more.

Branch Standardization

With BPM the processes will help the account opener and teller follow the bank procedures and the banks compliance. All Branches would be using the same forms and completing the same fields for Navigator. Creating these processes will be more efficient and will make less errors for audits.

Account Opening

Our BPM Consultants will help fine tune your account opening procedures and help implement best practices. We can help set up the processes so the only fields needed for the type of account will be in the process, making the process faster and more efficient.

File Maintenance

There are many file maintenance processes that will export to Navigator from BPM. Our BPM Consultants will help you create those processes using best practices. If the process you would like to complete does not export to BPM, our Consultants can show you different ways so that BPM can still assist the account openers/tellers in completing their tasks.

Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial Ownership has been a pain point for many banks. BPM can make it less stressful. Through BPM you should be able to export the Beneficial Owners with their CIP information along with the control person and their information. The percentages should export to BPM as well. The process should have the correct Certificate of Beneficial Ownership forms. The information should be conditioned on the form from the process. If your Beneficial Ownership process is not working like this, our BPM consultants would like to help fix it for you.

Creating Custom Forms

Best practice is to have all your Deposit, CIP and Risk Rating forms in BPM. Our BPM Consultants can help you build forms in I-32. These forms can have your bank logo, data fields to condition from the BPM process, and the forms can archive to Director.

Conditioning Forms

Our BPM Consultants can help you condition your Wolter Kluwer forms along with your custom forms. Best practice on forms is to have all the information conditioned on the form so the end user does not have to type on the forms. This will eliminate errors and will make the process faster and more efficient.

Efficiency Improvement

Our BPM Consultants can help your bank improve your processes or create new processes that will help guide the end user through the workflow. The end user will have less room for error and complete the process in a timely manner.

Beginner and Advanced Training

Our BPM Consultants can provide beginner level training to the new BPM admins. Or more advanced training for the veteran BPM admins.

Procedure Creation

BPM is a great program to use for a number of different processes. These processes may export to Navigator, provide a form or provide the end user instructions how to complete a procedure. Our Consultants can help you build these processes to follow your procedures for your bank.