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We can provide training and best practice recommendations on the use of Nintex Foxtrot RPA across the banks operations.

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Foxtrot RPA Services

Do you ever think to yourself “There has to be an easier way to do this?” Find yourself doing repetitive tasks each month that you wish could just be automated. Robotic Process Automation is a great way to take time consuming repetitive tasks and utilize technology to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce operation costs. Peak Consulting offers professional services for your institution, whether you are currently utilizing Foxtrot RPA or looking to purchase. Our in-house technical architect can review current process scripts and run times, recommend changes and opportunities for advancement of your utilization, and create custom scripts for your current projects. See below for more details…

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Peak consultants have been working with clients to help optimize their current scripts that were written to gain better performance and run times. By reviewing for redundant tasks in scripts, and leveraging new RPA functions we have been able to identify areas in a script to make it run more efficient.

Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA Licensing

Peak Consulting is proud to be the exclusive Premier Partner for RPA licensing and professional services for Nintex. Whether you are looking to discuss how to best utilize your current license structure or interested in purchasing Nintex Foxtrot RPA for the first time, Peak is your one stop shop for licensing purchase and professional services to get your team up and running with the new software.

RPA Core

RPA Core Conversions

What can we say, no one wakes up and says, “I’d love to work on a conversion this year.” However, they are part of a growing institution and PEAK consultants can help you smooth out some of the bumpy roads. Your core conversion team is focused on data conversion and that’s a big task by itself! We can help bring industry best practice into the picture and help make sure you’re getting the most out of your conversion. We offer an unbiased opinion in the middle of the storm and plus, we’ve been through a few of these before!Read More...

By using Nintex Foxtrot RPA you can remove the need to base your conversion on the core system providers schedule and run the conversion on your schedule. By using RPA your scripts can be used in the future on other conversions with more of a data driven conversion vs building a new business logic. RPA has been used by our consultant for conversions since 2008 and has made it possible to move data, and perform post conversion cleanup data with little user interactions. Conversion weekend is more focused on data verification vs data loading.
Script Monitoring

Script Monitoring and Automation

Script monitoring is key and critical to ensuring that your scripts are processing in full and alerting business users to which records require manual intervention. By ensuring proper error handling has been added as well as data logging, users can be notified when a script fails, completes or even send a recap of the processed records when they are finished. Script monitoring can be achieved multiple ways including emails, text messages, Slack chat, and even mobile push notifications.Read More...

Having a script that runs by someone who starts the script is only half-way automated. Peak Consulting can take your scripts to the next level and help you achieve true automation by running jobs on file triggers and on a set schedule. By using script automation with monitoring and error handling you can run you jobs and be notified when a job finishes or has issues with notifications.
Large Data Processing

Large files are always the worst to deal with when running a script on a single machine. RPA can only work as fast as the browser or application will go. By using RPA Central Data or FoxHub large data files can be processed on multiple machines at one time, allowing you to increase the bandwidth to the number of available bots.

RPA Services

Peak Consulting can be your one stop shop for all of your scripting and development needs. From simple to advanced script writing, BCP or vacation scheduling, to full turn key production Peak is here to work with you in all of the areas.

RPA Training

Peak offers a variety of virtual or onsite training engagements, from a one to four day training option that covers basic to advanced scripting. In addition, we will work with you on “real world” scripts that your institution needs that you’ll be able to take away from your training session and implement in your current environment.

RPA SQL Integration

By leveraging RPA with SQL server, you can start pulling and sending information to SQL for data processing. Most data comes from a SQL server and requires a job to run, and the file to placed in a central location for RPA to pick-up. By using SQL you can remove the need for the file to be placed on the server and run a procedure to pull the information directly from SQL.

Working with Multiple Data Sets

This is where the true thinking begins. A common scenario is opening a collateral record and adding loans to it. To help save time in the script you can have the collateral record drive your script for the main loop and query a list to pull in the data that is associated with your collateral record. This allows RPA to have the true one to many record result set and process end to end with less scripts and time.

Custom Excel File Data Output

Let’s get real on this. RPA uses Microsoft Access to store its run time data. This is perfect for running the data through RPA as it gives more options for the script. But for the end user who is reviewing the data, this is not common and adds complexity to them. By outputting your processed and exception records to excel, you can give the end user a file format that they are more familiar with and place it in a shared location or email through secure mail.

Text File Import Analysis

Not all data is a clean Excel file, or single row of information in a spreadsheet. Sometimes data comes from basic text files where a single record of information can be on one line or multiple. By using RPA to loop through a text file we can create a clean output and perform analysis on the file to help flag and identify records to be addressed/updated with Foxtrot. Director client reports such as Escrow Analysis are common files to be analyzed using RPA.

File/Folder Processing

Sometimes you have a file that a user saves to a common location when they are ready for RPA to process. Or sometimes you have that same file needing to be copied or moved to another location on the network or FTP. RPA can copy, move listen and look for files placed in a location and perform scripted actions to remove the manual element of needing to handle the files.