Peak Ascend is a consulting service dedicated to helping clients achieve “Peak” performance by having access to our consultants on an ongoing basis. We provide dedicated hours and priority to your staff for general questions and concerns, monthly strategy calls to ensure a great return on investment, and a roadmap to stay up to date on the software releases and announcements that are important to you.


Four Benefits of Peak’s Ascend Program:


Monthly Strategy Call

Ensure your projects are on the right track and moving forward.

On-Demand Access to our Consultants

In addition to the monthly strategy call, Ascend clients get three hours (per month) of support service to fill the gaps where other support programs fall short.

Release and Enhancement Overviews

Stay on top of the latest software releases and enhancements. We realize you are inundated with emails from your vendor about what they are releasing next. Ascend clients enjoy the benefit of our consultants filtering those releases and helping you capitalize on the enhancements that will benefit you the most.

Discounted On-Site Engagements

Ascend customers will receive 10% discounting on any future on-site engagement.


Ascend+ customers will receive all the great benefits of the Ascend program with additional project management services and a dedicated Project Manager to take your goals to the finish line. With Ascend+ you’ll receive access to a project management dashboard for easy communication with upper management, streamline processes and a hands on approach to helping you reach your goals.

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