Specialized Consulting Services

Is your project a little more unique than a Loan or Deposit trip? How about an entire conversion? Don’t worry we can help you through a variety of projects that vary in complexity from an entire De-conversion from the Fiserv Premier® core or simply implementing the next release of the software. Please see a list of some of our more specialized consulting below.

Conversion Services

Conversion Management

What can we say, no one wakes up and says, “I’d love to work on a conversion this year.” However, they are part of a growing institution and Peak consultants can help you smooth out some of the bumpy roads. Your core conversion team is focused on data conversion and that’s a big task by itself! We can help bring industry best practice into the picture and help make sure you’re getting the most out of your conversion. We offer an unbiased opinion in the middle of the storm and plus, we’ve been through a few of these before!

Nintex RPA

TMS Review

If you are still posting entries every day in a block, stop the madness! TMS allows the bank to automate the block process and put in place additional security controls. Best of all, TMS is part of the core contract. Now, that also means that if you are not using TMS you are not taking advantage of your investment. Peak takes you beyond the typical “Loan/Deposits Blank Templates” to give you a system even your auditors will approve. TMS offers many unused features like separated security groups, associated templates, and a review functionality that allows the bank to identify and approve transactions before they post. Let Peak design and build better TMS templates to remove many of the day to day inefficiencies associated with transaction processing.

Nintex RPA

Process Mapping

Process mapping is a great exercise to gain a full understanding of cross-departmental functions and find efficiencies. Often times multiple departments don’t fully understand the role another department plays in their process. By creating a full picture you can easily identify duplicate efforts, redundant documentation, misused software, and inconsistencies.

When to consider process mapping:
Business Continuity Planning
New software discovery/implementation
Determine robotic process automation candidates
Identify process improvements
Find efficiencies and time/money savings
Understanding customer impact
Software utilization review
Defining accountabilities and ownership


Project Management

Business Analytics Training & Report Design

Let’s face it, understanding all the ins and outs of Business Analytics can be overwhelming! Peak consultants bring a unique perspective to BA training and we know how to adjust for different audiences. We place a priority on helping you understand your system!

Are you struggling to work with the stock reports and not getting the information you need in a format that works for you? Do you still have to manually change existing reports before sending them out? Peak consultants can help you! We will review existing reports and implement improvements and create custom reports for you based on specific reporting needs for your institution.

Operations Optimization

The Operations Optimization is customized training for your bank using your reports and information.  Mainframe training including concepts of Files and Programs are covered along with specifics on how the programs work and how to utilize the program options.  An in depth review and training of IES specifications, Trancodes and Transaction Blocks is also included.  Checklists and nightly update processing will be reviewed along with report production, SCM and TMS specifications.  Release Management Procedures will also be created.  If Access Codes have not been implemented, Peak will help create a project plan to implement.

Bank Staff Training Programs

Let’s face it, sometimes getting people to be excited and involved in system training can seem like an insurmountable task. Peak consultants bring a unique perspective to training and we know how to adjust training presentations for different audiences. We understand the importance of repeatable processes but we also place a priority in helping you develop power users rather than robots. Whether training new staff or training on new processes, let our 15,000+  hours of on-site experience come to the aid!

General Ledger Reporting

Does the word FMSR make you nervous? For most institutions, this is not something they have a lot of experience with since these are typically set up at conversion. We have the expertise to assist you in learning how to modify existing or create new FMS Report Command Files for your general ledger reporting.

Security Training

Are you still using User Codes only? User Codes only have a maximum of 6 digit passwords, where Access Codes can have more complex passwords that your regulators will appreciate. Password requirements can be established for Access Codes including minimum length and required characters. We can also assist you in setting up Group security. This can be a great way to organize your institution’s security.

IES Specification Training

We can teach you how all of your Item Entry System Specifications tie together. We can also review the trancodes that you are using today to make sure you are using the proper trancodes for each scenario and have everything set up properly.

New Release Training and Best Practices

How many emails on new program versions, releases, and program corrections do you get a day? Banks typically answer with “Way too many” or “I don’t know, most go to my junk mail.” It is your software company’s job to keep up with the latest technology, trends, and regulatory requirements necessary for your day to day processing. Peak Consultants work with you to maximize any new enhancements of a new release in order to provide the best outcome for the bank. Peak can work through testing and design live implementation timelines and procedures for a smooth roll out.

Call Reporting

Call Reporting is often a source of pain and frustration for many people at the bank and that pain point is relived every quarter. Call reporting does not need to be a complex algorithm to get back to different categories, but it all starts with proper use of the system codes. Let Peak help you design a system that allows for easy RC-C and RI reporting.

Code Restructures

Many times banks will question whether they are using all the systems codes in an efficient and productive manner…and for good reason! Often these codes are used the same as when a bank was converted. This leads to overuse of new Class Codes and underuse of many of the other system codes. Peak can offer best practice advice on how to use system codes so report writing, call reporting, and other tasks become a breeze instead of a nightmare.

Integration Restructures

Every time you make an integration change do you have to change a list of tables the size of a dictionary? You can employ Masking to slim down that integration table list. Sometimes banks will consider changing from Class Code integration to Purpose Code integration or vice versa. Peak consultants can help you navigate the pros and cons of each. There are a lot of different considerations when it comes to integration changes and we’re here to help!

Multi-Project Retainer

Stop me if you have heard this story before. “Kathy” is the only one that can handle this type of project but she has seventeen others she is doing first so this will have to wait till she has free time. In our experience, bank operations and free time rarely find their way into the same sentence. Let Peak help you clear some of the workload by managing and working with your staff to get projects to the goal line. Our consultants give you the peace of mind of knowing what your industry peers are doing and the experience of implementing them on the system. Peak also focuses on training staffers along the way in order for you to have multiple “Kathy’s” for the next project!

Project Management

Do you have a large list of projects that keeps getting longer and longer?  This is common in a lot of banks that we work with.  Peak can provide subject matter expertise through implementation of designated projects.  We can provide training and consultative services for each core related project. We can assist with formalized project plans, resource requirements and time estimates.