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Troy Jordahl

Troy Jordahl

BSA/AML Consultant

Troy Jordahl is a BSA/AML Consultant at Peak Consulting.

Troy graduated from Sioux Falls College in Sioux Falls, SD with a B.S. degree in English. He brings over 20 years of Fiserv BSA experience in Patriot Officer, FCRM/AML Manager, and Fraud Risk Manager along with Precision Conversions experience to Peak Consulting. His roles at Fiserv ranged from Core Conversion Representative to FCRM/AML Coordinator. Most recently Troy served as a Senior Consultant for FCRM. Through these roles Troy was introduced to a variety of areas such as FCRM Software Installations and Conversions, FCRM Support, Precision Core Software Conversions, process improvements thru Quality Assurance and Product Management, and overall FCRM Systems Management. Furthermore, this experience gave him the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of organizational leadership.

With a strong passion for BSA/AML Compliance, Troy is Certified Anti-Money Laundering (CAMS) and his technical expertise within various Fiserv software allows him to assist with client questions, challenges, and best practice utilization of the software. Troy enjoys meeting and establishing relationships with customers by assisting them with anything FCRM. With a “can-do” attitude, Troy is unequivocally committed to making FCRM a value-add for all clients and welcomes challenges both large and small.

In his free time, Troy enjoys reading, Bible Study, camping, traveling, playing with his grandchildren, and spending quality time with his wife, three children, and faithful dog.